Ways Shopify Plus Supports Your Entrepreneurial Dream Than BigCommerce Enterprise

Multichannel selling

Are you an entrepreneur looking forward to build an online empire? Well, selling online is a good and bad idea. Your online journey can be a trip to the world of milk and honey or a walk in the desert. The good thing about e-commerce is extending your reachability. You can serve customers you couldn’t reach on your in-store. Also, you have an opportunity to sell around the clock meaning your business never goes to bed with you. However, this can remain as a dream if you fail to choose the right enterprise platform. Web crashes and consistent down times will eat up your sales. Also, frequent hacking and customer data theft will betray your customer trust. That is why, in this article we will talk about Big Commrce vs Shopify: The key differences you need to know

Offering progressive plans

Naturally, most businesses start from scratch. Entrepreneurs face several challenges during their startup faces. Fixed budgets are a major issue. Nevertheless, you must kick off your online dream to grow your venture into an empire. Having a financial challenge is the reason for many business plans gaining dust on the shelves. Shopify realizes this aspect. In response, it provides you with plans that suit your budgets. The plans are progressive and support your e-commerce journey.

As a newbie, you join the e-commerce sector through their Shopify Lite plan. This plan allows you to sell through Facebook while enjoying all features to manage your store. It is newbie-friendly charging you $9 only per month. From here, you can move on to consecutive plans until you reach Shopify plus a plan for company or enterprise level ventures. For BigCommerce, you need $29 to join the e-commerce trail. Also, it does not offer you some features at the basic plan. Hence, if you want to grow from scratch to empire level, you should consider Shopify as your option.

Supports extensive multichannel selling

Multichannel selling is the new norm in the virtual arena. For you to remain competitive and make whopping profits, you must be able to reach your customers at their residence. Also, you need to ensure your customers can access your products at their preferable shopping channels. As selling through apps and social media becomes a trend, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform to enable you to conform to the new ideas.

Shopify plus leads BigCommerce enterprises in this aspect. The platform comes with features and apps for transforming each meetup point to a selling channel. You can meet your prospects at their usual time spending ground. On the other hand, BigCommerce enterprise falls short in this area. Unless it has this idea in mind, it only allows you to sell through social media and online marketplaces. No mobile apps or API for turning customer meetups to a virtual shop. Hence, you know the right choice for your multichannel selling.


Freedom to choose your apps

As you know, uniqueness and freedom of choice are two aspects that help you to stand out. Shopify plus prioritizes this aspect. It offers you an array of third-party apps to help you achieve certain objectives. However, you choose the ones that are useful to you. On the other hand, BigCommerce enterprise has few apps that are in-built. So, you do not have the right to choose which is a bad.