BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: Who Will Win?

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus

Enterprise-level businesses as well as large enterprises can’t expect to grow and expand if they are not present online. What’s even more interesting is that many of these businesses are present only on the Internet. They don’t have physical stores and offices. What we are trying to say is that eCommerce is definitely the future of business regardless of the size of the company.

Those interested in launching an eCommerce website for their enterprise should know that there are dozens of eCommerce platforms that can help them. In many cases, they don’t need any professional help to use these platforms. Of course, this works only if you are using a good eCommerce platform of this kind. According to many specialists in this area, BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are the most useful and most used enterprise eCommerce platforms today. This is probably the reason why BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus is one of the most searched eCommerce-related terms on search engines today. We will use this blog to analyze the differences and similarities between these two popular options.

First of all, the number of BigCommerce Enterprise users is a little bit higher than the number of Shopify Plus users. All in all, there are not more than a few thousand users that rely on these platforms. Keep in mind that they are both paid platforms, but BigCommerce Enterprise offers a trial version. BigCommerce Enterprise is primarily an enterprise-level eCommerce platform created for fast-growing merchants allowing these merchants to create and run professional eCommerce stores in a matter of hours. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is an upgraded version of the Shopify platform created with the requirements, desires, and needs of enterprises in mind.

It’s good to know that Shopify Plus is used by more top 10.000 and top 100.000 websites compared to BigCommerce Enterprise, but they both have popular clients on their lists. When it comes to the categories, BigCommerce is used more in categories like arts and entertainment, business and industry, shopping and clothing while Shopify Plus is used more in metals and mining, newspapers, mobile developers and other categories. It’s interesting that BigCommerce Enterprise has more users in North America while Shopify Plus leads in Europe.

What’s important to understand is that both enterprise eCommerce options have excellent features, they are easy to use and offer fair pricing plans.