BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: The battle of the enterprise-level eCommerce platform giants

The battle of the enterprise-level eCommerce platform giants

If you are in the process of the creation of an eCommerce website, you will have to analyze a few things. You will have to pick a hosting solution, check the themes, analyze user experience etc. Most of these things are offered by popular enterprise-level eCommerce solutions like Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise. These platforms usually make the process of hiring a professional web developer obsolete because creating and handling a site with the help of these eCommerce platforms is really easy. Yet, they are not the same and we will use this article to analyze the differences and help you decide which option is better.

Hosting and licenses

This is one of the things that are the same for both solutions. Namely, BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are licensed and hosted eCommerce platforms. You don’t have to choose a hosting package when you are using the services of these platforms. In addition, they are licensed solutions which means that they are taking care of maintenance, security, and upgrades.


Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are offering app marketplaces where users can download apps and integrations. In this way, they can improve the functionality of their website. But, the main difference is that BigCommerce has no more than 500 apps at the moment while Shopify Plus has over 2000 applications. But, there’s a good explanation for that. First of all, BigCommerce Enterprise is a newer player on the market. Next, they have more built-in features compared to Shopify Plus.


With the help of the pre-made themes offered by the eCommerce platforms, you will be able to manage your site’s layout and design. At BigCommerce Enterprise, you will find more than 100 themes and less than 10% of them are free. Shopify Plus comes with 60 themes and 10 of them are free. But, you can find over 500 themes on ThemeForest.

Customer support

Shopify has excellent customer support. They are offering detailed documentation of their product, a special eCommerce University and access to a vibrant forum. Of course, they also have a dedicated Merchant Success Manager in their offer as well as 24/7 support. The same goes foes BigCommerce Enterprise. Namely, you can expect the same things from this platform too.

All in all, both options have excellent eCommerce features for enterprise-level users, excellent support and reasonable pricing.